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Milo e Saga de Lenda do Santuário 

desenhenhos de Kuori Chimaki - a mangaka responsável por Saintia Shô


Imagenes de Saint Seiya: Leyenda del Santuario tomadas por Toei Animation en el Evento Anime Japan 2014

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Since I was little, people look at me coldly because I have mysterious powers.

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I pointed this out on my twitter @CodenameSailorB recently, and I thought it would be worth posting on tumblr as well. I’m a huge fan of Naoko Takeuchi’s short story, Casablanca Memory, which focuses on Rei and her backstory with her father. When I went to reread the manga scanlation on, I read Naoko Takeuchi’s message to her readers for the first time. (In the past I guess I just always skipped over it!?) Of course, this was published ages ago, but I truly hope Naoko’s feelings haven’t changed over the years. I would absolutely love to see Casablanca Memory animated (as well as Naoko’s other short stories). If we see it in Sailor Moon Crystal, it would most likely take place in Act 6 (episode 6) since Makoto makes an appearance in this (and we already know Act 5 will in fact feature Jupiter). And I suppose there’s always a chance of an OVA?

We shall see!

You can read the scanlations for Casablanca Memory (as well as the other short stories and the entire Sailor Moon manga) at here.

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I’ve made no secret about my excitement over Crystal’s hints about the Silver Millennium. Last episode, Ami has a flash of the past when she and Usagi touched. For Rei, she needs only a glance.

I love that this is happening (though I have a major disappointment here too which I’ll get into in a second), and I keep thinking up more and more questions. Like watching this, and reflecting on Ami’s moment, I wonder if the girls’ emotional state is important.

Usagi isn’t having these flashes like Ami and Rei have, and there could be any one of a number of reasons for that. Something that occurred to me though is that in both instances, Usagi isn’t really in a emotional state she’s not already comfortable with. Usagi is comfortable around friends, unlike Ami, who was deeply embarrassed and flustered and guilty and just a huge mess, basically. Here, despite that Usagi is having a very intense reaction to Rei, it’s still something she’s pretty used to. For Rei, however, this is significant on a much deeper level.

Could new or unsettling emotional states be an important element later? Something to think about.

Of course the huge thing with this moment is how Rei doesn’t even need to touch Usagi to have it happen. Her psychic powers, the nature of the set up, something in their past lives, or just the sheer awesome of Rei Fucking Hino, whatever it is, Rei gets this flash just from a look, and that’s fantastic. I’m really interested now to see how Mako gets that flash, and would love if it could come from something else entirely as well. Maybe Usagi saying something? I’m not sure. But I think it’d be particularly fascinating, and a great character moment opportunity, for these flashes of awakening to be individually unique.

Unfortunately I’m now not sure I have a whole lot of confidence that Crystal will take that opportunity. Pulling this from my my post about Ami’s flash last episode:

First let’s consider the flash of the past. How literal do we take that? Did Ami actually see the image that we’re shown? Or was it meant to represent more of a feeling of a time and a place? My mind is whirring with the potential of us getting flashes for each of the Senshi as Usagi touches them and I hope — how I hope — that they’re different for each of our girls. How very badly do I want to dig in and find out WHY those images? Why that unique moment out of an entire lifetime? Whether it’s a literal image or the representation of a rush of emotions, that this is the image chosen to represent that is critical. (Or, rather, it COULD be critical. Come on, Crystal. This can be fascinating and prime ground for subtle character development. Don’t let me down.)

Letting me down is exactly what Crystal did, and I mourn for this lost opportunity. As I said, even if the palace is just meant to be shorthand for “SILMIL SHIT”, that’s still the identical representative image for both Rei’s and Ami’s experience — experiences which should have been anything BUT identical. Even with Crystal’s budget restraints, we’ve visited the SilMil so much already that they could’ve taken singular frames from any one of a dozen different bits of imagery, they didn’t need to reuse that one specifically. There was a chance here to do so much, which could’ve meant so much, and with such little effort. What a shame, Crystal.

But see, now I’ve got all my hopes up because that image was used twice.

Both Mars and Mercury were standing at the same place at the same time to commit exactly that same scene to memory. Was it an ordinary moment? Probably not - if following the established plot, they’d lived at the palace for a while, if not most of their lives, so this probably isn’t a snapshot of a random day at the Moon Kingdom.

Maybe that was where they first stepped down after arriving (if you’re in the boat that they were born on around their respective planets). Apprehensive, maybe frightened, maybe intimidated - this was their first image of the Palace they would be spending the rest of their lives in. The first thing they see of the world that called them forward to protect it.

Maybe the vision they got in the present was that world, calling them forward once again.

Or maybe the peaceful exterior juxtaposed their mood so much that it just stuck with them. What if this was near the end of the Silver Millennium? The Guardian Senshi met away from the palace to keep their conversation to themselves as they fought over what to do about Serenity and Endymion, as they voiced their concerns about the political atmosphere of Earth, their fear of an upcoming battle, and what that could mean for their kingdom and their Princess. What if this was what they turned to see to strengthen their resolve? The idyllic palace and the peaceful kingdom it stood for, the backing they would need to make the hard choices that would inevitably shape their world. 

I just…  ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆  this could be so good.


Rei and Fire