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We are not helpless girls who need men’s protection

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Black Moon Clan as they appear in the pamphlet/program book for Petite Etrangere. Full scans here.

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A page is up for Petite Etrangere on the official Sailor Moon website with new photos! (source)

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Moon Pride CD & Blu-ray! Check the shopping guide for links to buy!

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Swung by the waves of sorrow; burnt by the fires of anger;

Dazzling as a lightning;

Vowing for eternal love.

Even now we’re far apart, you’re surely not alone right?

As the Moonlight binds us.

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Awww my precious Tuxy. :’D

Okay, seriously though (for those of you who haven’t read the manga) this did not happen in the manga.

In the manga, Mars kills Jadeite in Act 3. So he wouldn’t have been in this scene at all to begin with.

But those introductions in front of the senshi like that? That does not happen. They don’t even know Zoi and Kunzite exist till later. 

I’m really interested in seeing where they take Sailor Moon Crystal with such huge plot changes in this episode. SO STOKED.

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“Are both of you all right?”

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